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Last night I had the honor and privilege to see Spamalot at the Fulton Opera House. It’s a local theatre that works with other regional theatres to produce fantastic works of art. Granted this was my first musical in the venue, but I still walked away knowing that the actors at the Fulton put their heart and soul into every production that they do.

Seeing this show made me want to get back on stage. To be a part of a community where the arts are important and thrive on a daily basis. To learn from the people you’re on stage with. So I’ve com to the conclusion that I’m going to audition for their next play there, The 39 Steps. I’ve already ordered the book, so I can become familiar with the show. Now I just have to find a funny monologue for the audition and repair my theatre resume. I can’t seem to find it anywhere in any of my files, so I’ll start from scratch and make it better than before. The only thing that sucks is that my headshots are at least six years old. Oh well, I’ll use one of the “older” looking ones from that go around. 

This is going to be fun.

From March 15, 2010- "No One is Alone"

Tonight I had the distinct pleasure to see a final dress for one of the local high school’s spring musical of Into the Woods. It was so nice to see a cast of well over thirty actors and a pit full of musicians immersed in the world of theatre. The entire cast was talented, of course, there were a few who were more so than others, but still as a whole they all had a nice blend of voices.

With any high school production it had it’s cringe moments. The witch’s transformation was twitchy. The giant voice sfx had a reverb effect that I’m pretty sure they didn’t want. Some of the set pieces didn’t move right. Mics were left on when actors left the stage. This is all expected for an final dress and really for any live production there are going to be hitches.

But what I loved about tonight was theatre and the arts being appreciated in our schools. The auditorium could seat several hundred and it had all the finest tech. When I was in high school even though we were the newest school in the county and the performing arts magnet school, we still lacked a performance space that didn’t double as a cafeteria. It’s important that kids participate in the performing arts in some fashion. It builds confidence, camaraderie… the arts shouldn’t be taken out of our schools even though they present some of the biggest budget problems.

I wasn’t alone in watching the musical tonight. I was with a bunch of friends and more importantly my bffl, who is only a little over 1 year old. He did so well sitting in the dark theatre watching the musical. He was enraptured by the voices, lights, and colors. He chirped when the birds talked to Cinderella, mooed at Milky White, and clapped at the princes to get them off the stage. I love that he loved the show and that he was so enthralled by what he was seeing on the stage.

That is the reason theatre should stay in schools. It brings enjoyment to people of all ages.