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A twenty-something girl living in a modern world stuck with an old world mentality just trying to make the most of what she's been given.
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Here’s a kiss for the New Year. #peterpan #happynewyear

Because yes!

  • 5 Year Old: Sara, I had the best dream last night, but Daddy woke me up. (adorable pouting ensues in the backseat)
  • Me: Oh yeah. What was it about, bub?
  • 5 Year Old: You and me unlocked Deadpool and Silver Surfer and then we was racing them around the city, but when we got to the block to get it Daddy woke me up.
  • Me: Sounds like a great dream.
  • 5 Year Old: The best.

Got a little creative and gave Baby Jesus a fez and bow tie. #bowtiesarecool #fezesarecool #whochristmas

And that is how you knock out your work to-do list before Christmas vacation. #ilikecrossingthingsout #winnerwinnerchickendinner


(via yahighway)

Hipster Princess Leia is ready. She’s from Alderaan. You’ve probably never been there.

Princess Leia hoodie is about how far I’ll dress up for Halloween. At least at work. #hipsterprincessleiatonight

Some people spend their weekends on the beach or at a cabin or visiting far away places, but I get to spend this weekend rendering, editing, and exporting.